Case Studies

WHS & the PDA

Joan was an otherwise successful employee who was subjected to bullying and harassment by her superior. As a part of the bullying, comments were placed on her PDA which resulted in her not being considered for advancement and promotion.

The AFPA ensured that the comments were removed from her PDA and Joan received a substantial settlement and a letter of apology from the AFP.


Tom was investigated by Professional Standards (PRS) over an allegation that he failed to properly supervise one of his team members. Though Tom challenged the allegation, the claim was substantiated, on the balance of probabilities. As a result of this finding, the AFP proposed to demote Tom and formally counsel him.

In response to the AFPs proposed action, the AFPA briefed a senior barrister and began the process of injuncting the AFP’s decision and to force a review of the finding. The AFP relented, and decided not to demote Tom. Tom continues to have a successful career with the AFP and has since been promoted.

Use of force

Sarah was working in the city beats team on a Saturday night. Sarah attended a local bar where a member of the public had been physically assaulted. Sarah was confronted by a belligerent and aggressive man who refused to comply with a move-on direction. Fearing for her safety and the safety of her team and the public, Sarah chose to arrest the individual for drunk and disorderly conduct. Sarah used her OC spray in line with Commissioners Order 3.

Professional standards investigated Sarah and alleged that she should not have used her OC spray. As a result of the AFPA’s advice and representations, the allegation was found not-established and she continues to have a successful career within the AFP.

Member Benefits

Michael was looking to upgrade to a new car and looked through the AFPA member benefits. He loved the look of the new 1 Series BMW but couldn’t afford to purchase and maintain it. Because he is an AFPA member, Michael got corporate financing and 4 years of FREE servicing, saving him literally thousands of dollars.

At the end of Michael’s lease, he has the option to purchase, refinance OR hand the car back and walk away, without any concerns. Had he not been an AFPA member, Michael would not have his new BMW!