The AFPA lobbies at all levels of government to influence policy formulation and decision making to achieve:

  • Law enforcement & national security legislative reform
  • Comprehensive occupational health & safety within the law enforcement environment for our members working at home and abroad
  • Robust but fair employment & integrity measures for AFP & other law enforcement employees
  • Appropriate human & financial resourcing of the AFP to enable our members to professionally achieve the Governments and AFPs operational objectives.

Through the lobbying of Federal Parliament the AFPA assists with maintaining appropriate human and financial resourcing of the AFP, law enforcement and national security agencies to enable our members to professionally and safely achieve the objectives of the government. The ACT Legislative Assembly is also engaged to help the AFPA achieve ACT law enforcement and public policy reforms.

The AFPA also influences the AFP’s Senior Executive to maximise front line operational capacity coupled with employee health & safety, within the volatile and unpredictable law enforcement environment home and abroad.

The AFPA is regularly providing advice to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity to help support robust but fair employment & integrity measure for AFP, ACC, PSS and AC&BPS.