Support is provided to members and their loved ones; Financial Member Assistance is a range of welfare assistance not normally available or affordable to individuals due to their occupation. The AFPA also provides financial assistance to members in the event of family tragedy:

  • Financial Member Assistance:
    • Transit Injury Assistance
    • 24/7 Trauma (Critical injury/illness)
    • Member Bereavement Assistance
    • Severe Hardship Assistance

AFPA Member Legacy provides significant financial legacy benefits to loved ones upon the death of an AFPA Member:

  • Member Legacy:
    • Member Death Benefit
    • Member Funeral Benefit
    • Immediate Household Welfare Benefit
    • Child(s) Educational Assistance Benefit

Through our AFPA Loyalty Reward Program, both Financial Member Assistance and Member Legacy status periodically increases throughout your continuous membership with the AFPA.

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Loyalty Program

The AFPA's tiered membership is your reward for being a continuous member of the AFPA, whilst representing your country in federal law enforcement and national security.

You receive increasing benefits in relation to death cover, financial assistance for yourself and loved ones, to and from work cover and much more. But the best part is, there is no additional cost - you're already covered!

Membership status

Bronze 0-5 Years
Silver 5-15 Years
Gold 15-25 Years
Platinum 25+ Years

Life Insurance

You also have the option to purchase additional Life Insurance for yourself and/or your spouse.

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